NRF1 and NRF2 Activators

The body is made up of roughly 37 trillion cells. These cells are collected into tissues, the tissues are arranged into organs, the organs combine to form systems and systems make up the human body. Knowing this, it becomes clear that healthy cells equate to a healthy body.

The health of a cell depends on its ability to keep its internal environment stable and relatively constant despite changes in its external environment (referred to as homeostasis). The problem is, despite your best efforts to keep you (and thus, your cells) healthy, destructive forces and a natural deterioration process happening inside the body are working against you. So even though you are promoting the health of your cells by eating a good diet, taking a multi-vitamin every now and again, and engaging in regular exercise... it's not enough.

With the number of destructive forces you are up against, along with the natural deterioration process, it would seem as though it's a losing battle. But in fact, it's not. There are things you can do to keep those billions of cells (that collectively make up your body) working hard throughout your life. The first method is to minimize oxidative stress, a major culprit of cellular damage. The second method is to maintain the health of your mitochondria, an important cell structure.

So, how do we do this? By naturally stimulating the Nrf2 protein - the master regulator of the defense system. By minimizing exposure to and supporting your body's natural defense against oxidative stress, the upregulation of Nrf2 offers a novel way to protect your cells and keep them healthy.


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